Project Management, Real World Training and Roleplaying Services

Preparing, managing and delivering flexible, high quality and realistic role player scenarios

Training Services and Role Playing Scenarios

We have accumulated extensive experience. For example, NARCORPS has a broad depth of corporate knowledge and vast scenario development implementation experience in preparing, managing and delivering flexible, high quality and realistic role player scenarios. We also ensure that our assigned persons can perform their required tasks in such a manner as to ensure maximum realism. On all of our training, management and support efforts, we implement a cost effective and efficient, start-to-finish approach. With over 300 full-time and part-time personnel, we have the ability to support challenging projects concurrently at different geographically dispersed locations. We assign experienced Program Managers and often Alternate Program Manager as well as the appropriate supervisors, quality control inspectors and administrative staff to control technical performance, quality, schedule and costs. We also maintain a stable workforce even in challenging environments.


Women Owned Small Business

Narcorps Specialties, LLC (NARCORPS) is a Women Owned small business (WOSB) founded in 2016. We provide comprehensive on training, project management and roleplaying services. On the basis of our staff and successful experience, we are confident that our capabilities, capacity and qualified professionals will meet your mission, requirements and support needs. We will apply our company wide experience, management credentials and certifications to implement effective solutions to your most challenging projects.


NARCORPS and our professional staff have supported a wide range of government agencies.