NARCORPS Specialties LLC is a diversified, privately held Women-Owned small business. NARCORPS provides comprehensive management, training and support services to the federal government, state government and local government agencies.

We assist agencies to achieve their personal, professional and career goals with the following services.

Management Services
Training Services
Support Services
Technical Support
Program Development Role Playing/Scenario Facilities Maintenance Firearms Range
Program Management Situational Training Transportation Support Driver Operation
On-site Management Instructional Discipline Support Grounds & Custodial services Specialized Support

Operating Philosophy

NARCORPS is a forward looking, innovative, people-oriented services provider committed to providing exemplary professional services at a fair cost.

We understand our business existence and continued success is dependent upon how well we meet our responsibilities to several groups of people. Our operational philosophy is reflected in our formal standard operational manuals. We maintain formal Operation and Employee manuals addressing Security, Employment Procedures, Payroll, Time and Attendance, Leave, Drug Free Program, Safety, Accidents and Injuries, Blood-borne Pathogens, Sexual Harassment, Standard of Conduct, Disciplinary Actions, Publicity, Monitoring, Defined Role Playing Lead Role Player, Observation and Training, Cancellations, No Shows, Communications, Personal Property, Dress Code, Props and Quality Control among other standards.

Our first responsibility is to our customers. Without them, we would not have any reason for being in existence. We strive to appeal to a broad customer base, catering in a professional manner to their needs. Our Concept of value to the customer includes a wide selection of services, competitively priced and delivered with courtesy and professionalism.